The Trucks

Iconic Italian Piaggio Ape

Having worked in the city all my working life, like many others, I'd dreamt of running my own business.  With years spent organising top level client events, from large sporting events to smaller unique events I had a good understanding of what clients wanted, enjoyed and more importantly didn't enjoy!  Myself included.

With a life long love of Italy and all things Italian, especially little tiny vehicles and Prosecco - lots of prosecco actually! an article caught my eye about the legalities of Prosecco.. I was intrigued.  Before I knew it, my impulsive nature had once again, sprang into action and before you could say vino frizzante.. I was looking out the window at a rather forlorn looking Piaggio, wondering what on earth I should do next!  After a lot of head scratching I decided to call a friend.. lots of friends, in fact anyone I had a number for!  Once the conversion was complete then came the biggest challenges of all... rachets and towing!  We'll leave that one here.

Soon, one turned into two and two into three.  It is hugely exciting watching the business grow from strength to strength.  I have had enquiries from around the world including one from a special impulsive lady from the USA..within a couple of months, a little converted truck was put on on a huge ship and sent on a very long journey to California.and from that have decided to expand even further.  So keep following the journey on instagram @proseccotrucks

Has it been easy.. hell no! so I'm planning my next business

venture to be a book detailing the trials and tribulations of an

impulsive trucker!

Stay tuned...

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