Get some 'snazzy' into your life or maybe send some 'snazzy' to someone else!


Q: What will I receive in my snazzy box? 

A: You will receive 2 x 200ml shake and pour premium cocktails.


These cocktails have no nasties whatsoever added which means you're free from addititives, sweeteners and preservatives.  What's on the bottle is in the bottle!

We will also add some garnish to your box to finish off your cocktail!


You will also receive gorgous box with 4 delicious choccies in them, we know  they are delicious, because we tried them!


This gift comes fully packaged in a large magnetic gift box and fully branded.

Q: Can I choose cocktails?

A: Absolutely! There isn't the black cherry in our range! Each cocktail is fabulous!

Choose from:

Porn Star Martini

Espresso Martini

Strawberry Daiquiri

On the beach 



Please allow 3-5 days for delivery

The Snazzy Gift Box with Truffles

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